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Building Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Emotions! We all have them, and they are a powerful force in our lives. This learning experience will provide a solid foundation for those seeking to significantly accelerate their development as leaders. Rather than simply studying the practices and approaches of successful leaders, participants embark on a more profound journey into their inner world, where they will learn to tap the enormous power of their emotions and moods.


Participants will be equipped with:

  • The ability to recognize their own emotions in a wide variety of interpersonal circumstances
  • Tools on how to respond to and manage emotions effectively
  • Strategies to recognize the emotions of others, and be a positive, energizing force within their organization


What You'll Learn


Learn how to tap into the power of emotions, both their own and those of others, to significantly increase their personal leadership effectiveness


Develop the ability to readily relate to and connect with others, particularly those with differing personalities, backgrounds, and values


Discover how to become a greater influence in an organization through the ongoing expression of confidence and optimism


Increase their ability to handle the inevitable stress of organizations, adapt to new situations and successfully manage change


Create a meaningful development plan based on natural strengths and personal leadership aspirations

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What to Expect

  • Supportive and Interactive Environment
  • Offered virtually as a 8 hour session
  • Access log-in information and materials (participant guide and toolkit) in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with faculty and peers via Zoom 
  • Attend this workshop and earn 6.5 HCI, 6.5 HRCI, 6.5 SHRM, and 6.5 ATD recertification credits
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Truly great leaders know how to build connections, coach others, communicate effectively and lead teams through times of change. You'll build a strong foundation of leadership skills by enrolling in the full Bluepoint Leadership Series.

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