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Who We Are


We are the Human Capital Institute-Sierra Leone (HCI-SL). We are a social business, non-voluntary organization committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of organizational human resources management and young professionals/practitioners in corporate and professional businesses in Sierra Leone and beyond through promoting opportunities to support, connect and grow fresh and experienced practitioners/professionals in organizational human resources management and small business, through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, developing and recognizing professionals excellence and business performance growth among clients/member organizations/individuals.


  • Quality is our Motto:
    Quality in our services is a key attribute that we at HCI-SL are committed to deliver and hold a proven record of doing so.
  • Reliability is our focus: Our focus is to be your dependable and trustworthy source. We endeavor to provide you upgraded reliability in timely delivery of orders and clients satisfaction with quality at affordable price.
  • Integrity in our dealings: We pledge to perform business in a transparent and equitable manner. Honesty and open communication are the corner stones of our success.