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Our Mission, Vision & Values​


  • HCI-SL commits to meet and exceed customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive world class human resources management consulting services & solutions.
  • Dedicate ourselves to meet every clients requirements and meeting deadlines effectively.
  • To achieve the status of being the most preferred partner in Sierra Leone for outsourced payroll administration, human resources management & organizational development solutions.


  • To assist trained & qualified young professionals and women to realize their professional aspirations by providing linking opportunities with employers who value their skills, knowledge and competence.
  • We will achieve this by using cutting edge technology, passionate personnel and remaining resourceful to our customers.
  • We are driven by integrity, commitment, hard work, rewards and the zeal to excel.


  • Striving to maintain an in-depth knowledge of its clients industry and job verticals.
  • Outsourcing through our industries specialist approach.
  • One contact through our Account Management Approach.
  • Competency Based Interviewing (through a competency design framework for all HCI-SL outsourced recruitment and selection process).
  • Ability to provide service in dynamic fast paced environment, excellent turn around time for turn-key projects.
  • A robust HRMIS infrastructure to back up all our operations.
  • Thorough understanding of the local labor market and laws for various industries.
  • One stop-shop solutions for all your HR pains and needs


Accountability, Commitment, Passion, Success and Reliable Professionalism.