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Our programs are well structured and focus on a multi-functional Strategic Organizational/Business Performance Management approaches. It is targeted at both executives and low levels with a minimum of 2 years of work experience, predominantly focusing on junior/middle management, top management and leadership levels and those in the process of preparing for such responsibilities. The content and the pedagogy of this program are oriented to expose our participants to:

  • The multi-dimensional nature of organizational performance challenges.
  • The pitfalls in trying to resolve problems using a uni-functional approach.
  • The processes of problem analysis that allow for integration of multiple dimensions and crafting strategies to resolve such problems.
  • Responding to contemporary human resource management challenges
  • Impacting your company’s human resource management bottom lines
  • Aligning HR goals with company strategic goals
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As contrasted to the linear and modular approach, this program will adopts the integrated problems oriented approach through the use of case studies. It will implies that complex holistic problems, in the form of cases, will be used to understand different dimensions of the problems with companies and businesses human resource management, looking at the holistic solutions, understanding trade-offs in decision making so that as participants are guided to improve from being a mere practitioner to a subject matter expert.The Institute aims to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding in the following areas of organizational management and leadership.

  • Organizational Strategy and it’s interlinks with Performance Management.
  • Impact of Organizational Structure and Operational Process on Performance Management Process.
  • Performance Management Frameworks: Designing and implementing frameworks like HR Dashboard and Matrix etc.
  • Employee Assessment Systems.
  • Implementation of pay-for-performance plans.
  • Role of Performance Management in Organizational Development, and Leadership and its impact on Performance Management.
  • Change Management, impact and improving Organizational Processes
  • Building a positive work culture for your organization
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