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Core Areas of Expertise of the Firm


Communication, Organizational Training & Formation; Human Resources Management & Administration; Personnel Administration and Maintenance, Payroll Administration, Labor Law and Local Regulations Advisory, Managing Separation Processes, Recruitment & Selection, Head-Hunting; Human Capital Assessment; New & Existing Business Registration/Renewals in Sierra Leone, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship Trainings and Empowerment, HR Audit and Effectiveness Assessment, Organizational Productivity & Restructuring Advisory etc..


Interim Managers support strengthen management on a full time, but on a temporary basis. They are normally senior executives capable of driving transformation projects, crisis management, turn around, corporate restructuring or unexpected critical exits. Interim executives identify the problem, provide the solution, drive the implementation as they train internal resources, and then move on. Our Interim Managers have previous experience as CFOs, PMs and Leadership Executives and have a proven track record of transforming businesses at various business life cycles. They are change drivers. Our robust database of ready-now C-Suite and senior-level talent provides you with immediate access to unmatched management capabilities to fulfill a short-term, project or changeover need.


Staff Outsourcing is a critical enabler for companies to channel internal resources to focus on the most critical core functions for continued business growth. There is a growing concern that employee management is becoming increasingly complex and both large and small medium enterprises are feeling the pressure. By outsourcing your HR Administrative processes to us, we become the responsible party for HR administration and relieve you to optimize your human capital. Our staff outsourcing services are aimed at ensuring you focus on your core business while accessing superb staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support. You can trust our company to help you leverage your full HR capability and significantly enhance your business results.


The success of any organization, and the achievement of business goals and objectives is greatly influenced by the quality of leadership executives retained. When it comes to Executive Search, the wrong hiring decision can be extremely expensive. How do you know the candidate you have selected for hire is the right candidate? How do you know they will perform at the level required to achieve your business objectives? Executive Search is the most effective strategy for attracting Senior Management and Business Leaders. Human Capital Institute-Sierra Leone has invested in scientifically tested search assessment strategies critical in identifying levels of competencies in executive candidates. Our thorough and highly professional approach to Executive Search ensures that our clients only get to appoint the most suitable candidate for the role; candidates with the right personalities to support our clients’ corporate strategy, organizational culture and business values.


Whatever your company size, payroll and tax processing can interrupt your focus and workflow. We also offer Payroll Management services that take care of the payroll processing and payroll tax remittance only while the client retains the HR function responsibilities. We are experts in supporting both local and expatriates payroll, while ensuring compliance within country payroll tax legislation in every country of service delivery. Our payroll and tax administration spectrum includes:

  • Net payments
  • Tax administration
  • Employee benefit
  • Annual tax filing


Keeping up with HR related issues and their impact on business, whilst managing the wide range of traditional HR tasks is overwhelming for Human Resource practitioners in both large and small medium sized companies. We provide professional HR Consultancy services in Sierra Leone, to help you attract, inspire, motivate, manage and reward the right people within the organization. Our primary goal is to understand your needs and effectively collaborate with you to tailor HR Management services that meet your unique workforce management objectives. We have a dedicated team of HR Consultants who provide a broad range of Human Resource Management solutions for companies seeking specialized solutions that are critical for human capital optimization.


Recruiting for a single role, whatever the level, can be a costly and time-consuming process for any organization and with no guaranteed success. In a dynamic market environment, where employers are competing with each other for the most competent talent at all levels, this becomes even more challenging. Our recruitment capabilities ensure that you don’t meet any candidate unless they satisfy the criteria for the role that you are seeking to fill. You will only spare time to make the selection decision, saving you dozens of man-hour that you can invest for strategic business functions. We have a huge network and databank of career professionals looking for job opportunities not in Sierra Leone but also across Africa. We don’t just provide candidates. We listen to your needs, get to know your business and understand your detailed business strategy and vision.


Psychometric tests offer insights into the factors that influence a person’s performance in the workplace, hence a critical tool in staff selection, development, coaching and team building. Psychometric Assessments are scientifically proven to measure an individual’s capabilities and behavioural styles. They can measure different personality traits, which helps with the identification and development of talent. Psychometric Tests provide the employer with a method of selecting the most suitable job applicants, thus serving to effectively support the recruitment and selection process. Psychometric assessments provide our interviewers with objective, reliable and relevant information that helps them make a well-informed decision on a candidates’ suitability for a particular role.


Our training programs are soft skills oriented and designed to drive employee productivity. The training objective is to equip employees with people skills, social and communication skills, character and personality skills as well as emotional intelligence quotients among other critical productivity enablers. We don’t just tell people what they need to do to change, rather we help them realize the need for them to change from inside and this ensures lasting transformation that sustains productivity. Our programs are highly customized to address the unique business challenges of every client and anchored on the premise that you can’t teach adults. For this reason, our experienced trainers approach training in a purely experiential way, allowing participants to discover their own solutions to their challenges. Whatever strategy you use to optimize human capital, training is the ultimate game changer.