Human Capital Institute Sierra Leone New Office Space

Welcome to Human Capital Institute Sierra Leone (HCI-SL) New Office Space. Our office is located at 18 Upper Brook Street Freetown, Sierra Leone. For more enquires please contact us on +232-76-863-157 / +232-77-576-187, Email: ,


LinkedIn:, YouTube:, Twitter:, We also adverts Jobs, for more visit our Job Portal:   THIRD FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM As the workforce changes and we slowly embrace more remote workers and other company structures. This conference room is for trainings and seminars.   SECOND FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM Dedicated meeting spaces can give your clients and partners a good impression of your business, while providing a convenience environment and making an excellent backdrop for a meeting.   SECOND FLOOR OFFICE As we all know the office environment can influence the way you work and even your ability to appeal to candidates. Your office and desk spaces are key parts of your working environment.   THIRD FLOOR OFFICE   FIRST FLOOR OFFICES The first floor comprises of three offices, Admin, Programs and Marketing.   FIRST FLOOR RECEPTION ROOM